Hyeme left the group on November 10, 2020, and Youngheun and Judy graduated on.


Because of her actions, she apologized to Fatou, Judy, and Yongheun. X1.



During the live broadcast, she announced that BlackSwan will make a comeback soon with a new song and that a lot of content will be released for. As Nina reaches her breaking point, Erica tries to keep her at home on opening night even when this is what her daughter has worked so hard for. Pushed to the breaking point by her artistic director and a seductive rival, Nina's grip on reality slips, plunging her into a waking nightmare.

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X1’s disbandment was all down to the infamous Produce X 101 voting manipulation scandal. . .

The first disbandment of 2020 was also one of the most shocking: X1. The group disbanded in January this year.


Within Australia, the black swan is nomadic, with erratic migration patterns dependent upon climatic conditions.

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Nina is a talented but unstable ballerina on the verge of stardom. BLACKSWAN (블랙스완) [Also known as B.

May 24, 2019 · Korean pop group Pristin announced their disbandment after just two years since their official debut.

In medieval Europe, unicorns had more credibility.

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In medieval Europe, unicorns had more credibility. The black swan ( Cygnus atratus) is a large waterbird, a species of swan which breeds mainly in the southeast and southwest regions of Australia.




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Some of our favourite K-pop groups’ contracts are expiring this year so will CLC, Twice, Day6 and more groups disband, or continue working together?.